What is Ramen District?

"Your favorite ramen at your home"

Ramen District started as an idea of bringing together famous and select ramen in one place. We wanted to make them available to ramen lovers like us, who either couldn’t get to these restaurants or no longer wanted to deal with the commute and long waits.


It took some time to work out. The answer? Each restaurant cooks and freezes batches of their ramen in airtight, vacuum-sealed packages. This ensures that the flavor of the broth, noodles, and toppings remain just as fresh as the day they were made! Ramen District takes then takes your precious ramen and sends it off in special packaging to preserve its freshness and keep it all frozen.


All of this preparation and packaging to keep the ramen delicious costs more than your average Amazon cardboard box, so we have to charge a bit more for shipping. This is why we recommend buying a larger quantity upfront to save more on shipping costs, as well as to always have some ramen in the freezer when an emergency ramen-craving shows up! Not sure you want to go all in right away? Try seeing if your friends or co-workers want to combine an order until you have a better idea of what you want to stockpile! We’d make it a ramen tasting party, but that’s a thought from our ramen-addicted team.  


We hope to share the best ramen with as many people as we can, especially those who don’t have access to authentic, delicious ramen restaurants. With Ramen District, we want to provide everyone’s favorite ramen…at home! Ramen District is a dream started by ramen lovers, and we are grateful for the support of both long-time ramen fans, as well as newcomers to the world of ramen. Thank you for the encouragement and support as we spread the love of ramen!