About Us

What is Ramen District?

“Real Taste at Home”

The Ramen District goal is simple: enable anyone to become a ramen chef at home. Bringing famous ramen shops to your kitchen, we want to help you find the perfect ramen. From thick to thin noodles, light to rich soups, vegan to meat-lover style, it’s all here. 

Our Story

Living in Los Angeles, many have been fortunate to eat at various ramen shops whenever they want. But what about others living far from this central ramen area?

In 2020, the pandemic hit. We gave up on freshly made restaurant-quality meals and take-out meals became the new normal. But what if we didn’t want to give up?

Ramen District decided to solve two problems with one solution. We’re not just some food delivery service. We take pride in our taste and quality. Partnering up with delicious ramen shops in LA, we have recreated the restaurants’ taste by freezing all the goodness inside. Now, ramen lovers nationwide can cook and eat whenever they want.

Each order comes in a box with a styrofoam cooler box and dry ice to keep the products frozen through shipping. We don’t ship on weekends because delivery tends to get delayed. Yup, we’re this serious.

Where We’re Heading

Our ultimate goal is to spread our love for ramen and share it with others. For that, we hope to increase the variety of ramen more and more as the years go by.