June Shop of the Month: IKKOUSHA

Jun 10, '21

The moment you enter the shop, you know Ikkousha is confident about their ramen. At their Little Tokyo Downtown LA shop, you can see the ramen chefs boiling the noodles, stirring the soup through the transparent glass. The savory smell of tonkotsu broth pulls new and returning customers each time.

Founder of Hakata Ikkousha Ramen, Kousuke Yoshimura traveled around the globe to perfect his tonkotsu flavor. He continues to work along his slogan “to bring happiness to all the people” which also is the meaning behind the name “Ikkousha”.

Even throughout this covid situation, we experienced the love customers had for Ikkousha ramen. The moment it hit 11:30, their opening hour, they already had a customer waiting to dine in and a customer ordering takeout. By 12:30, all the seats were filled and a line was formed outside of their shop.

Our Ramen District staff were able to go behind the scenes into the kitchen to see all the works up close. Continuously stirring the big pot of broth, we also saw the small things that make Ikkousha so perfect. Setting a timer for each noodle to make sure each set of noodles were of the customer’s preference, hand cutting the chashu to make sure each slice is the perfect thickness. They even showed us a little trick to straining the noodles!

In the end, we had the opportunity to try their original tonkotsu ramen and side dishes. Each and every single dish contained so much umami that the journey of Kousuke Yoshimura could be felt in every slurp. It’s truly a shame that only those near the Ikkousha shops can have this experience… But now you can have the same taste at home! 

Ramen District is a partner of Ikkousha and with our Ikkousha noodle kits, we assure the same taste even when you cook at home. The creamy thick broth? Frozen to keep all the taste in. The perfect chashu? Yup, it’s all in the kit. Now with new flavors God Fire and Tonkotsu Black, you can have Ikkousha at the comfort of your own home! Hop on over to try these ramen or try them all in our special Ikkousha box 🍜