July Shop of the Month: DAIKOKUYA

Jul 21, '21

When walking through Little Tokyo, have you ever wondered what the long line outside of the yellow little shop was for? Well, case closed! The little yellow shop is Daikokuya, one of the most famous ramen shops in LA!

Walking into the shop is like a trip through olden Japan. With movie posters and decor from back in the day, the place provides a perfect photo op in addition to their amazing ramen. 

Working their way through the narrow kitchen, we’re able to see every single one of the ramen chefs is extremely skilled. From boiling the noodles to stirring the huge broth pot to beautiful plating, every single bowl is made to perfection. Our Ramen District staff were able to ask them to make the ramen several times for our home page video and every bowl of Daikokuya Tonkotsu ramen was perfect and delicious!

The Daikokuya history has so much depth, just like their soup! Takaaki Kohyama created the Daikokuya shop when ramen was only known as cheap noodles in a cup in America. Serving customers in Little Tokyo until 4 am in the morning, Takaaki lived in the store to not only perfect his soup but to prove ramen was a lot more and could be a lot more.

The more customers that came, the more Daikokuya became popular. Not only was the taste amazing but the presentation, the aesthetics, and the hard work of the owner were what appealed to the US customers. 

The original tonkotsu is of course amazing but their hidden fan-favorite may be the spicy miso. That extra kick of spice, the savory oil in the broth, and red against the black bowl aesthetic has become a staple to Daikokuya fans. Not sure which one to order? Try both and have an experience of a lifetime.

Curious what Daikokuya tastes like? Don’t live in Little Tokyo? No worries! Ramen District is a partner of Daikokuya Ramen and we assure the same taste even when you cook at home. The perfect noodles? The beautiful toppings? Frozen at the shop and delivered to you. With both the original tonkotsu and spicy miso, you’ll never get tired of the Daikokuya taste! Check out the exclusive Daikokuya box before it runs out 🍜