August Shop of the Month: SHIN-SEN-GUMI

Aug 18, '21

From West LA to Irvine, with 15 locations including Tokyo, Shin-Sen-Gumi is one of the most famous ramen shops in Southern California. Starting from 1992, they have followed through their commitment to excellence and sincerity.

Their Little Tokyo location is one of the busiest shops with their large space and classy decor. The white dome-shaped exterior is simple yet modern and inside they have a chandelier made from ramen strainers! There’s nothing quite like this anywhere!

Going behind the counters we were able to discover the secret of what makes their ramen taste so good, the amazing staff. Each and every single staff worked hard with passion and had such a can-do attitude. After hearing more about Shin-Sen-Gumi’s philosophy everything fell into place.

Mitsuyasu Shigeta started the company with a strong desire to prove himself, gain a reputation, and profit financially. But after seeing one of his employees strive through his shop, he put all those thoughts away. He realized what he really wanted was a place to develop others, a workplace that educates and gives opportunities to grow. Even today he pursues this thought, for employees at Shin-Sen-Gumi to become a positive contribution to society through the workplace.

From the intricate cooking staff to the friendly servers, the delicious ramen is served at each table. Their most popular menu? The Classic Tonkotsu Hakata Ramen. Simple yet affordable for many students and young adults. Another hidden favorite among adults has to be the yakitori skewers! A perfect appetizer to go with beer or alcohol of your choice. 

No Shin-Sen-Gumi near your house? No problem! We have the tonkotsu and spicy ramen as well as their yakitori on our website! Get them frozen and eat them anytime at home, at your convenience.