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August Shop of the Month: SHIN-SEN-GUMI

Aug 18, '21

From West LA to Irvine, with 15 locations including Tokyo, Shin-Sen-Gumi is one of the most famous ramen shops in Southern California. Starting from 1992, they have followed through their commitment to excellence and sincerity. Their Little Tokyo location is one of the busiest shops with their large space and...

July Shop of the Month: DAIKOKUYA

Jul 21, '21

When walking through Little Tokyo, have you ever wondered what the long line outside of the yellow little shop was for? Well, case closed! The little yellow shop is Daikokuya, one of the most famous ramen shops in LA! Walking into the shop is like a trip through olden Japan....

June Shop of the Month: IKKOUSHA

Jun 10, '21

The moment you enter the shop, you know Ikkousha is confident about their ramen. At their Little Tokyo Downtown LA shop, you can see the ramen chefs boiling the noodles, stirring the soup through the transparent glass. The savory smell of tonkotsu broth pulls new and returning customers each time. Founder of...